HEAVY #10 CVR B DANIEL (06/08/22)

HEAVY #10 CVR B DANIEL (06/08/22)

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HEAVY #10 CVR B DANIEL (06/08/22)

Vault Comics
Bill and Slim have a few things left to say. Pardon their language. Bill sucks at public speaking, and Slim is still under the impression that he's God. Also, they've been trapped in the afterlife for about a gazillion years. But take a seat. We don't have any chairs (since the universe was blown to smithereens), but no matter where you sit, it'll be front row to the end of everything -- and hopefully a final surprise or two.


This is a pre-order. This book has an ESTIMATED release date of  JUNE 2022. Pre-order books will be shipped on release day, or put into hold boxes.

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